Material Cataloguing, Specifications & Storage Planning
فهرسة وتصنيف المواد ، المواصفات وتخطيط المخزون
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Course Overview

This unique Material Cataloguing, Specifications & Storage Planning training course is aimed at assisting delegates to develop skills and competence on how to establish and maintain a comprehensive materials and product catalogue to support business and operations covering all operational, maintenance and supporting activities.

Course Objective

  • To review, analyse and classify the stock (inventory) line items for its adequacy and completeness of specification, catalogue group, validity, compliance and its linkage of the user’s requirement.
  • Know how to gather and assemble data of non-stock materials (direct purchase materials) from various user divisions/departments
  • Able to classify and assign appropriate product group and to integrate with master product catalogue
  • To understand how to develop unique product/catalogue identification code/part identifications for all products and services in line with International accepted cataloguing system and procedure to ensure technical and commercial integrity of the product and equipment
  • Ability to use Configuration Management Systems

Who Should Attend??

  • Any Professionals from the Procurement and Purchasing Department/Team
  • Cataloguing Engineers
  • Materials Engineers
  • Configuration Professionals/Engineers/Specialists
  • Material Planners/Equipment and Storage Specialists
  • Requirements Specialists/Executives

Course Outline

  • Essentials of Material Cataloguing, Specifications & Storage Planning
  • To review materials catalogue to ensure it is in the specified templates/format
  • Configuration Management System
  • Technical Integrity of the Materials Cataloguing & Storage Planning
  • Change Management System dealing with change request
  • Review, monitor and follow up the updates of incoming change request proposal and non- compliance records
  • How to ensure completeness of equipment and materials data in the Materials Management System
  • Commercial Integrity of the Materials Cataloguing & Storage Planning
  • Payment approval process – Supervision and checks of suppliers/vendors invoices
  • Commercial Configuration process to improve interchangeability and deliverability
  • Physical verification process, onsite visits in coordination with Inventory Control, Warehouse Operations and User’s requirements.
  • Enhancing Materials Catalogue Management and Optimum Storage Planning
  • How to deal with Obsolete and Substitute Offers
  • Materials & Storage Standards and Specifications
  • Alternative Specification and Alternative Sources with acceptable material specification
  • Multisource approaches to reduce monopoly by single source supplier (achieving economies of scale)
  • Coordination with end-users, technical departments and manufacturers to facilitate in identifying all hazardous substances

Training Methodology

  • Presentation & Slides
  • Audio Visual Aids
  • Interactive Discussion
  • Participatory Exercise
  • Action Learning
  • Class Activities
  • Case Studies
  • Workshops
  • Simulation