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Courses in Jeddah

Course Date Location
Teams Leading & the Development of Innovative High-Performance Work 13-10-2019 Jeddah
The Art of Self-Leading & Others 13-10-2019 Jeddah
Warehouse Operation, Spares & Inventory Management 13-10-2019 Jeddah
Industrial Waste Water Treatment and Environmental Protection 20-10-2019 Jeddah
Managing Multiple Task Priority and Deadlines 20-10-2019 Jeddah
Power System Harmonics & Power Quality 20-10-2019 Jeddah
Combustion Turbine Operations & Maintenance 27-10-2019 Jeddah
Office Politics For Managers 27-10-2019 Jeddah
Power System & Equipment Grounding 27-10-2019 Jeddah
The Development of Innovative & Creative Skills 27-10-2019 Jeddah
Hazardous Waste Control & Pollution Prevention 03-11-2019 Jeddah
Managerial Skills for Public Relations Practitioners 03-11-2019 Jeddah
Reactive Power Management & Control 03-11-2019 Jeddah
Bearing Selection, Maintenance and Failure Analysis 10-11-2019 Jeddah
Personal Branding 10-11-2019 Jeddah
Problem Solving & Decision Making 10-11-2019 Jeddah
Self Defense Techniques for Supervisors & Managers 10-11-2019 Jeddah
Creative Ways to Solve Problems & Make Decisions 17-11-2019 Jeddah
Environmental Plan for Wastes & Dangerous Materials 17-11-2019 Jeddah
Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Control 17-11-2019 Jeddah
Safety Engineering & Risk Assessment 17-11-2019 Jeddah
Turning Stress Into High Productivity 17-11-2019 Jeddah
Developing Emotionally Intelligent Management & Leadership Strategies 24-11-2019 Jeddah
Gas Turbine Performance Characteristics 24-11-2019 Jeddah
Planning & Implementation of Preventive Maintenance for Electrical Equipment 24-11-2019 Jeddah
Safety Procedures,The Laws of Censorship, Health Inspection Tools 24-11-2019 Jeddah
Safety, Fire Fighting & Loss Prevention 24-11-2019 Jeddah
Time Management (Its Effect on Overcoming Work Pressures) 24-11-2019 Jeddah
Boiler Auxiliary Operation 01-12-2019 Jeddah
Financial Accounting for Non Financials 01-12-2019 Jeddah