Reliability, Maintenance, Integrity & Inspection Engineering

Ref. Course Status
TR137 Administrative & Technical Skills for Maintenance Supervisors - Level 1 View Schedule
TR100 Advanced Maintenance Planning & Scheduling. View Schedule
TR151 Advanced Maintenance Planning And Scheduling & Shutdown, Turnaround And Outage View Schedule
TR111 Advanced Maintenance Planning, Scheduling, Auditing & Benchmarking View Schedule
TR141 Asset Lifecycle & Lifecycle Cost Management View Schedule
TR124 Automation & Control System View Schedule
TR142 Building Maintenance Management View Schedule
TR153 Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) Certification View Schedule
TR101 Cost Effective Maintenance Management View Schedule
TR136 HVAC Equipment Maintenance & Testing View Schedule
TR131 Industrial Maintenance & Machinery Problem Solving View Schedule
TR123 Instrumentation Signals, Sensors & Recorders View Schedule
TR143 Maintenance & Reliability Professional View Schedule
TR138 Maintenance Auditing & Continuous Improvement View Schedule
TR122 Maintenance Planning & Scheduling View Schedule
TR110 Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Control (Advance) View Schedule
TR102 Maintenance Strategy Development View Schedule
TR103 Managing Efficient Shutdowns & Turnarounds View Schedule
TR109 Modern Maintenance Technologies View Schedule
TR139 Operation Troubleshooting & Corrective Maintenance View Schedule
TR114 Operators Technical Training Program Level-3 View Schedule
TR112 Operators Technical Training Program-Level-1 View Schedule
TR116 Operators Technical Training Program-Level-1 - Mars View Schedule
TR113 Operators Technical Training Program-Level-2 View Schedule
TR115 Operators Technical Training Program-Level-4 View Schedule
TR150 Optimizing Equipment Maintenance & Replacement Practices View Schedule
TR135 Optimizing Equipment Maintenance & Replacement Practices View Schedule
TR104 Pipeline & Piping Maintenance & Rehabilitation View Schedule
TR105 Power Plant Operation & Maintenance Strategy View Schedule
TR140 Predictive and Preventive Maintenance of Rotating and Static Equipment View Schedule
TR134 Preventive Maintenance & Service Processing View Schedule
TR120 Preventive Maintenance of Electrical & Mechanical Equipment View Schedule
TR121 Process Control & Instrumentation View Schedule
TR118 Reliability Centered Maintenance View Schedule
TR146 Reliability Centered Maintenance for Rotating Equipment: Optimization & Continuous Improvement View Schedule
TR108 Risk Based Strategies for Inspection & Maintenance View Schedule
TR117 Rotating Equipment: Inspection, Selection, Testing View Schedule
TR106 Rotating Machinery & Vibration Analysis View Schedule
TR130 SK Technical Training Mechanical Level-3 View Schedule
TR133 The Ideal Operating Equipment & Methods of Maintenance View Schedule
TR107 Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) View Schedule
TR119 Vibration Analysis: Implementing Latest Standard Systems and Procedures View Schedule