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Pump & Compressor (Operation & Mainten

Pumps and compressors find extensive use in power plants, water circu

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Understanding & Implementing Contractu

Identify administration tools and the roles of the contract administr

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Self-Development & Communication in Th

In this course we will Develop interpersonal and communication skills

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Reading Electrical Drawings

This course is aimed at introducing the power system layout and desig

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Accounting for Vat

With the expected introduction of a Value Added Tax (VAT) in the Arab

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Basic Mechanics & Accounting for Vat

A common Value Added Taxes (VAT) framework will be implemented across

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Process & Mechanical Engineering

The aim of this course is to be that the participant will be able to:

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13.8 KV – Switchgear Maintenance

Switchgear plays an important role in electricity distribution and it

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