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Maintenance of Oil Separator & Cleaning


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Separators are typically installed immediately downstream of the wellhead and are responsible for the initial, gross separation of well fluids. They are pressure vessels, often capable of handling fluids from high pressure wells.

Upon completion of this course, participants should have a better understanding of the technology related to the safe operation associated with oil test separators used in today’s oil production industry. They will also learn about the separator construction and internal components that make it work.

This course is mainly targeted to process technicians, process technologists, and laboratory and maintenance personnel. The course can also be applicable to employees working with equipment and materials purchasing, equipment procurement, job planning, as well as immediate supervisors to the working technicians.

  • Production And Test Separation Systems
  • System Overview
  • Classification Of Oil Separators
  • Primary Functions Of Oil Separators
  • Secondary Functions Of Oil And Gas Separators
  • Separator Control and Maintenance
  • Controls, valves, accessories
  • Safety equipment
  • Operation and maintenance considerations
  • Separator Cleaning.
  • Separator operation
  • Separator components
  • Operating safety
  • Presentation & Slides
  • Audio Visual Aids
  • Interactive Discussion
  • Participatory Exercise
  • Action Learning
  • Class Activities
  • Case Studies
  • Workshops
  • Simulation

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