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Courses in Jeddah

Course Date Location
High Voltage Bus Bar Protection & Breaker Failure 01-12-2019 Jeddah
Risks, Accidents & Emergency Situation Within the Establishment 01-12-2019 Jeddah
Triangle of Excellence for Engineering & Management Thinking 01-12-2019 Jeddah
Creative Methods & Ideas in Solving Problems 08-12-2019 Jeddah
How to Change Attitude & Improve Behavior 08-12-2019 Jeddah
Management of Losses Reduction for Power Distribution System 08-12-2019 Jeddah
Skills in Handling the Work Environment 08-12-2019 Jeddah
Administrative Support 15-12-2019 Jeddah
Dealing With Work Pressures 15-12-2019 Jeddah
Electrical Power Supply & Power Plant Operation & Maintenance Strategy 15-12-2019 Jeddah
Logistics & Supply Chain Management 15-12-2019 Jeddah
Effective Supervisory Skills & Leading, Administrative Excellence 22-12-2019 Jeddah
Packing & Seal Troubleshooting 22-12-2019 Jeddah
The Art of Dealing With the Public Communication Skills 22-12-2019 Jeddah
Managing Efficient Shutdowns & Turnarounds 29-12-2019 Jeddah
Methods Fire Fighting & Prevention of Dangers 29-12-2019 Jeddah
Modern Strategies in Motivation & Creativity at Work 29-12-2019 Jeddah
Power System Stability & Dynamic in Power System 29-12-2019 Jeddah