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Courses in Khobar

Course Date Location
Electrical Site Safety 04-08-2019 Khobar
Environmental Monitoring and Modelling 04-08-2019 Khobar
Fundamentals of Accounting 04-08-2019 Khobar
Leadership Skills & Strategies for Decision-Making 04-08-2019 Khobar
Machinery Couplings & Shaft Alignment Techniques 04-08-2019 Khobar
Machinery Root Cause Failure Analysis 04-08-2019 Khobar
Managing Time & Cost of Projects 04-08-2019 Khobar
Modern Concepts of Effective Supervision of the Security "Procedures & Techniques" 04-08-2019 Khobar
Modern Trends of Dealing With Time & Work Pressures 04-08-2019 Khobar
Planning & Operating Electrical Network with Renewable Energy 04-08-2019 Khobar
Pollution Control in Process Industry 04-08-2019 Khobar
Power Stations Main Electric Generators (Theory, Operation & Control) 04-08-2019 Khobar
Power System Stability & Dynamic in Power System 04-08-2019 Khobar
Rotating Equipment Reliability Optimization & Continuous Improvement 04-08-2019 Khobar
Security Protection for industrial Plants 04-08-2019 Khobar
Self-development of administrative Excellence 04-08-2019 Khobar
Transmission Station Equipment Maintenance and Inspection 04-08-2019 Khobar
Voltage Regulators, Capacitors, Reactors & Reclosers 04-08-2019 Khobar
Centrifugal & Reciprocating Pumps & Compressors 25-08-2019 Khobar
Electrical Power Supply & Power Plant Operation & Maintenance Strategy 25-08-2019 Khobar
Fire Safety 25-08-2019 Khobar
Function And Responsibilities Of Industrial Security Personnel 25-08-2019 Khobar
Gas Turbine Performance Characteristics 25-08-2019 Khobar
Maintenance of Meters & Breakers 25-08-2019 Khobar
Modern Administration for Warehouses and Stores 25-08-2019 Khobar
Motivating, Managing & Leading Teams for Making Teams Work 25-08-2019 Khobar
Operation, maintenance and protection of power transformer 25-08-2019 Khobar
Protective Relay Principles & Application 25-08-2019 Khobar
Reliability Centered Maintenance 25-08-2019 Khobar
Safety Engineering & Risk Assessment 25-08-2019 Khobar