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Courses in Khobar

Course Date Location
Compressors Reliability & Maintenance 26-09-2021 Khobar
Effective Delegation & Problem Solving 26-09-2021 Khobar
Health, Safety & Environment in Engineering Projects 26-09-2021 Khobar
Inventory Settlements, Solving Accounting Errors 26-09-2021 Khobar
LV/MV/HV Circuit Breakers (Switchgear): Inspection, Testing, Selection 26-09-2021 Khobar
Maintenance of Oil Separator & Cleaning 26-09-2021 Khobar
Management Skills & Techniques for Engineers 26-09-2021 Khobar
Modern Trends of Dealing with Time & Work Pressures 26-09-2021 Khobar
Pre-Startup Audit: Evaluating, Determining & Implementing Effective Risk Control Measures 26-09-2021 Khobar
Systematic Preventive & Predictive Maintenance 26-09-2021 Khobar
The Art of Dealing with The Public Communication Skills 26-09-2021 Khobar
Ups, Chargers & Batteries 26-09-2021 Khobar
Account for Non-Accountant 03-10-2021 Khobar
Command Security Operations Inside Industrial Facilities 03-10-2021 Khobar
Communication Skills & Relations with Others for Industrial Security 03-10-2021 Khobar
Financial Reporting: The Current Climate 03-10-2021 Khobar
Innovative Managing for Engineers 03-10-2021 Khobar
Measurement & Control 03-10-2021 Khobar
Process Safety for Operations 03-10-2021 Khobar
Protection & Relay Setting for Electrical Power System Elements 03-10-2021 Khobar
Reading Electrical Drawings 03-10-2021 Khobar
Safety & System Thinking Approach 03-10-2021 Khobar
Safety Relief Valve (Inspection, Maintenance, Operation, Troubleshooting & Repair) 03-10-2021 Khobar
SF6 Gas Insulated Substations (GIS) 03-10-2021 Khobar
Tactics of Mechanical Installation 03-10-2021 Khobar
Budgeting, Costing & Decision Making 10-10-2021 Khobar
Distribution Materials Testing (Transformers, Cables, Switchgears, Meters) 10-10-2021 Khobar
Electrical Control Circuits for Industrial Power Systems 10-10-2021 Khobar
Electrical Measurement & Control Circuits 10-10-2021 Khobar
Emotional Intelligence 10-10-2021 Khobar