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Courses in Khobar

Course Date Location
Power Flow Analysis 14-04-2019 Khobar
Protection & Control for Industrial Power Systems 14-04-2019 Khobar
Statistical Quality Control 14-04-2019 Khobar
Troubleshooting and Tracking Faults in the Main Electrical Circuits 14-04-2019 Khobar
Accelerated Development for Managers 21-04-2019 Khobar
Creating Value for the Business 21-04-2019 Khobar
Creative Thinking & Values of Excellence for Managers 21-04-2019 Khobar
Electrical Measurement & Control Circuits 21-04-2019 Khobar
Electrical Safety Audits 21-04-2019 Khobar
Fire incident Investigation 21-04-2019 Khobar
High-Voltage Overhead Networks Conversion Technologies To Super-Tension Cables 21-04-2019 Khobar
Mechanical Integrity & Reliability in Refineries, Petrochemical & Process Plants 21-04-2019 Khobar
Motivating, Managing & Leading Teams for Making Teams Work 21-04-2019 Khobar
Office Politics For Managers 21-04-2019 Khobar
Power System Restoration & Black Start 21-04-2019 Khobar
Self Development for Engineers and Technicians 21-04-2019 Khobar
Voltage Regulators, Capacitors, Reactors & Reclosers 21-04-2019 Khobar
Applied Combustion Technology 28-04-2019 Khobar
Boiler Auxiliary Operation 28-04-2019 Khobar
Circuit Breakers Operation & Maintenance 28-04-2019 Khobar
Cost Estimation & Budgeting 28-04-2019 Khobar
Fire risk assessment 28-04-2019 Khobar
Management of Losses Reduction for Power Distribution System 28-04-2019 Khobar
Methods Fire Fighting & Prevention of Dangers 28-04-2019 Khobar
Optimising Equipment Maintenance 28-04-2019 Khobar
Planning & Operating Electricity Network with Renewable Generation 28-04-2019 Khobar
Power Plant Start-Up, Commissioning & Troubleshooting 28-04-2019 Khobar
Preventive & Predictive Maintenance of Overhead Lines 28-04-2019 Khobar
Project Team Leadership 28-04-2019 Khobar
Protection & Control for Industrial Power Systems 28-04-2019 Khobar