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Courses in Khobar

Course Date Location
Leadership At Excellent Organizations 21-04-2024 Khobar
Logistics & Transport Operations Management 21-04-2024 Khobar
Performance & Efficiency of Process Plants 21-04-2024 Khobar
Performance and Skills Development in Security 21-04-2024 Khobar
Power Quality & System Harmonics 21-04-2024 Khobar
Power System Harmonics, Distribution & Protection 21-04-2024 Khobar
Principles of Safety Engineering 21-04-2024 Khobar
Process Equipment Fired Heater, Boilers, Air Cooler, Heat Exchanger, Pumps and Compressors 21-04-2024 Khobar
Process Reactor Operation Troubleshooting Start-Up and Shutdown 21-04-2024 Khobar
Professional Development and Performance Enhancement in Security 21-04-2024 Khobar
Radiation Protection Officer Training 21-04-2024 Khobar
Radiation Safety & Compliance 21-04-2024 Khobar
Radiation Safety Officer 21-04-2024 Khobar
Risk Management in Safety Engineering 21-04-2024 Khobar
Safety Engineering & Risk Management 21-04-2024 Khobar
Shutdown Maintenance 21-04-2024 Khobar
The Development of Human Resources & Personnel Management 21-04-2024 Khobar
Account for Non-Accountant 28-04-2024 Khobar
Accounting Basics for Engineers 28-04-2024 Khobar
Advanced Material Science 28-04-2024 Khobar
Advanced Reliability Optimization 28-04-2024 Khobar
Battery and Battery Charges Troubleshooting & Maintenance 28-04-2024 Khobar
Business Analysis Modeling Skills & Techniques 28-04-2024 Khobar
Designing Safety into Processes 28-04-2024 Khobar
Development and Implementation of Security Policies 28-04-2024 Khobar
Effective Skills for Recruitment Procedures 28-04-2024 Khobar
Electrical Hazard Prevention 28-04-2024 Khobar
Electrical Safety 28-04-2024 Khobar
Frameworks and Processes in Security Policy 28-04-2024 Khobar
Fundamentals of Electrical Safety 28-04-2024 Khobar