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Courses in Khobar

Course Date Location
Simplification Of Work Procedures 17-12-2023 Khobar
Strategic Marketing Planning 17-12-2023 Khobar
Strategies for Security Planning 17-12-2023 Khobar
Taxation 17-12-2023 Khobar
Business Strategies for Social Impact 24-12-2023 Khobar
Calibration of Electrical & Electronic Measuring Instruments 24-12-2023 Khobar
Corporate Social Responsibility: Business Strategies for Social Impact 24-12-2023 Khobar
Financial Analysis & Reporting 24-12-2023 Khobar
Fuel oil Burner Operation & Maintenance 24-12-2023 Khobar
Identifying knowledge gaps and training needs 24-12-2023 Khobar
Industrial Equipment: Compressors, Pumps, Motors & Variable-Speed Drives 24-12-2023 Khobar
Introduction to Project Management 24-12-2023 Khobar
Modern Trends of Dealing with Time & Work Pressures 24-12-2023 Khobar
Process Safety for Operations 24-12-2023 Khobar
Pumps & Pressurized Piping Systems: Performance, Computer Selection & Application 24-12-2023 Khobar
Risks, Accidents & Emergency Situation Within The Establishment 24-12-2023 Khobar
Security Architecture to Secure Vital Installations & Sensitive Planning & Emergency Management 24-12-2023 Khobar
Administrative Areas of Excellence & Creativity Skills 31-12-2023 Khobar
Art of Leadership & Security Management 31-12-2023 Khobar
Basic Presentation Skills 31-12-2023 Khobar
Compressors Reliability & Maintenance 31-12-2023 Khobar
Digital Transformation 31-12-2023 Khobar
Effective Leadership: Transforming Your Mind and Enhancing Communication Skills 31-12-2023 Khobar
Electrical Site Safety 31-12-2023 Khobar
Electrical Testing & Commissioning of Electric Power Systems 31-12-2023 Khobar
Environmental Management in The Industrial Areas 31-12-2023 Khobar
High Impact Supervisory Skills 31-12-2023 Khobar
Power Flow Analysis 31-12-2023 Khobar
Pumps Operation & Troubleshooting 31-12-2023 Khobar
Strategic Planning & Developing Business Plans 31-12-2023 Khobar