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Strategies for The Modern Public Relations Professional


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This practical and interactive course is prepared for Public Relations Professionals who need to broaden their knowledge and add to their existing skills. This will also be of benefit to Marketing Managers, Marketing Professionals who are required to understand social media and the challenges of managing corporate reputation resilience.Public relations (PR) has always been a balance of persuasion, information, and communication – but these terms imply a one-sided relationship. The rise of social media and lightning-fast news cycles requires that modern public relation professionals engage more with their audiences and build and maintain relationships. In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals of modern PR, including new research and marketing methods, how to create and maintain relationships with your influencers, and how to react to negative news stories. You'll also learn how to build and monitor a successful PR campaign.

  • Recognize modern research methods for finding out what your audience wants and needs
  • Identify the characteristics of a successful PR plan
  • Recognize the qualities of effective modern influencers
  • Recognize how to build relationships with your influencers
  • Recognize how to handle a PR crisis effectively
  • Recognize how to measure and monitor the success of a PR campaign
  • Top management of an organization who need to understand the importance of good PR and an effective, customized PR strategy
  • Investors who need to understand and assess a firm’s credibility, brand presence and future before making any investment decision
  • Marketing and sales managers who devise PR strategies for an organization to increase brand presence and communicate effectively with the intended audience
  • Human resource professionals and internal communities responsible for conducting corporate and social responsibility activities and initiatives to increase brand visibility and presence
  • Content writers and strategists who prepare content for press releases to ensure that it is easily understood by the intended audience
  • Members of PR agencies who support organizations in their PR plans and strategies
  • Any other professional who may want to pursue a career in PR or who may want to know more about PR and PR strategies

Different Types of PR

  • Media relations
  • Community relations
  • Corporate and social responsibility
  • Public affairs
  • Crisis management
  • Social media/advertorials/newsletters
  • Employee relations
  • Integrated marketing and communication

Benefits of Good PR

  • New, impressed investors
  • New clients, increased business
  • High-end talent and workforce
  • Increased credibility
  • Improved search engine optimization

Components of a Successful PR Strategy

  • Corporate communications
  • Media relations
  • Community relations
  • Crisis management
  • Event management

Some Successful PR Strategies

  • Media relations
  • Collaboration with influencers
  • Market awareness and knowledge
  • Use of technology
  • Web monitoring
  • Social awareness

Important Steps for a Successful Media Relation Plan

  • Set strategic goals
  • Find news and share it
  • Develop a media kit
  • Keep channels open

Important Steps for an Effective Corporate Communications Strategy

  • Analyze the internal environment
  • Analyze the external environment
  • Identify key issues
  • Create an issues and stakeholder report
  • Check priorities and trade-offs
  • Finalize the strategy

Steps to Adjust Corporate PR Strategy to Local Trends

  • Share a story about kindness
  • Get creative and use visuals
  • Connect locally

Challenges of PR

  • No direct control on content released
  • No guaranteed results
  • Minimal evaluation
  • Presentation & Slides
  • Audio Visual Aids
  • Interactive Discussion
  • Participatory Exercise
  • Action Learning
  • Class Activities
  • Case Studies
  • Workshops
  • Simulation

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