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Modern Administration for Warehouses & Stores


Today, Warehousing Play A Critical Role In Assuring High Level Of Customer Service And Overall Logistics Performance. Warehousing Minimize The Effective Of Supply Chain Inefficiencies, Improve Logistics Accuracy And Inventory Management And Allow Product Accumulation, Consolidation And Customization. In A World-Class Warehousing The Cost Of Warehousing Are Minimized While Improving Customer Service. The Principles And Systems Described Here Are Common Demonstrate Of World-Class Warehousing

· Maximize Customer Service And Provide Fast And Accurate Issuing.

· Plan And Control The Warehousing Operation To Minimize The Operational Costs.

· Guarantee Safety To The Warehouse Personnel And Facilities.

· Plan To Develop The Warehouse Personnel.

· Plan To Deal And Work With The Problems And Constraints Related To Warehousing Management.

· Effectively Organize Your Store And Warehouse

· Reduce Time Wasted In Locating Stock

· Use Correct Handling Equipment

· Increase Your Knowledge On Good Housekeeping Of Store & Warehousing Functions

· Select The Appropriate Type Of Equipment

  • Stores And Warehouses Managers.
  • Stores And Warehouses Staff.

· Introduction To Warehousing Role In Logistics System

· Objectives And Functions Of Warehousing Management

· Types Of Warehouses

· Fundamentals Of Warehouse Operations

Inventory Classification And Inventory Record Accuracy

· The ABC Classification

· Uses Of The ABC Classification

· Periodic And Cycle Counting

· Systems And Methodology Of Counting

Organizing The Storage And Material Handling

· Layout Of The Warehouse

· Storage Utilization And Organization

· Stock Location

· Fixed Versus Random Location

· Material Handling Equipment

· How To Improve The Receiving/ Issuing Material Handling Operations

Safety In The Warehouse

· Housekeeping And Safety In A Warehousing Environment

· Safety Hazards

· Unsafe Acts And Conditions

· Planning For Safety

Productivity In The Warehouse

· Definition Of Productivity

· Causes Of Lost Time

· Warehousing Management Through Performance Analysis (KPIs)

· Benchmarking Warehouse Operations

Modern Administration for Warehouses and Stores

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