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Courses in Khobar

Course Date Location
Reading Electrical Drawings 30-06-2019 Khobar
Safety Terms & Basics of Incident Prevention 30-06-2019 Khobar
Supervisory Skills for Industrial Security 30-06-2019 Khobar
Transformer, Testing, Operation & Maintenance 30-06-2019 Khobar
Triangle of Excellence for Engineering & Management Thinking 30-06-2019 Khobar
Accounting for VAT 07-07-2019 Khobar
Assessment of Risk to Health From Chemical Substances 07-07-2019 Khobar
Organization of Time for Engineers and Technicians 07-07-2019 Khobar
Planning & Implementation of Preventive Maintenance for Electrical Equipment 07-07-2019 Khobar
Power System Restoration & Black Start 07-07-2019 Khobar
Practical Implementation of Electrical Circuits (Power – Control) 07-07-2019 Khobar
Security Architecture to Secure Vital Installations & Sensitive Planning & Emergency Management 07-07-2019 Khobar
Understanding & Implementing Contractual Obligations 07-07-2019 Khobar
Dealing With Work Pressures 14-07-2019 Khobar
Electrical Power System Protection and Testing 14-07-2019 Khobar
Electrical Testing & Commissioning of Electric Power Systems 14-07-2019 Khobar
Environmental Plan for Wastes & Dangerous Materials 14-07-2019 Khobar
Fault Diagnosis in Power System 14-07-2019 Khobar
Hazard Analysis & Control 14-07-2019 Khobar
Hazardous Waste Management & Pollution Prevention 14-07-2019 Khobar
How to Change Attitude & Improve Behavior 14-07-2019 Khobar
Personal Branding 14-07-2019 Khobar
Power Systems Reactive Power Compensation Techniques 14-07-2019 Khobar
Risk Assessment for Seniors 14-07-2019 Khobar
Safety Engineering & Risk Assessment 14-07-2019 Khobar
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) 14-07-2019 Khobar
Valves & Actuators 14-07-2019 Khobar
Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers 21-07-2019 Khobar
Data Analysis Techniques for Engineers & Technologists 21-07-2019 Khobar
Electrical Power Supply & Power Plant Operation & Maintenance Strategy 21-07-2019 Khobar