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Courses in Saudi Arabia

Course Date Location
The Effective Auditor 24-07-2022 Khobar
The Overcome of Work Pressures & Managing It 24-07-2022 Khobar
Triangle of Excellence for Engineering & Management Thinking 24-07-2022 Khobar
Turning Stress Into High Productivity 24-07-2022 Khobar
Administrative Support 31-07-2022 Khobar
Advanced Taxation Management 31-07-2022 Khobar
Art of Leadership & Security Management 31-07-2022 Jeddah
Creativity & Excellence in Human Resources & Personnel Management 31-07-2022 Khobar
Distribution Network Load 31-07-2022 Khobar
Effective Communication With Customers 31-07-2022 Khobar
Electrical Distribution Systems(Maintenance & Operation) 31-07-2022 Riyadh
Electrical Site Safety 31-07-2022 Riyadh
Environment Management for Power Plant 31-07-2022 Khobar
Environmental Monitoring & Modelling 31-07-2022 Khobar
Financial Reporting: The Current Climate 31-07-2022 Jeddah
Fundamentals of Accounting 31-07-2022 Khobar
Gear Reducer Troubleshooting 31-07-2022 Khobar
Generation Gaps 31-07-2022 Jeddah
Machinery Problem-Solving Sequence 31-07-2022 Khobar
Machinery Root Cause Failure Analysis 31-07-2022 Khobar
Mechanical Integrity & Reliability in Refineries, Petrochemical & Process Plants 31-07-2022 Jeddah
Modern Concepts of Effective Supervision of The Security "Procedures & Techniques" 31-07-2022 Khobar
Planning & Operating Electrical Network with Renewable Energy 31-07-2022 Khobar
Pollution Control in Process Industry 31-07-2022 Khobar
Power Plant Start-Up, Commissioning & Troubleshooting 31-07-2022 Jeddah
Power Stations Main Electric Generators (Theory, Operation & Control) 31-07-2022 Khobar
Power System Stability & Dynamic in Power System 31-07-2022 Khobar
Professional Development For Remote Workers 31-07-2022 Riyadh
Risk Assessment 31-07-2022 Riyadh
Risk Management 31-07-2022 Khobar