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Courses in Saudi Arabia

Course Date Location
Basic Mechanics & Accounting for Vat 09-08-2020 Khobar
Behavioral Management Skills for Supervisors 09-08-2020 Riyadh
Distribution Switchgear Technology 09-08-2020 Khobar
Electrical Drawings & Control Systems 09-08-2020 Khobar
Electrical Safety for Low Voltage Installations 09-08-2020 Khobar
Environmental Management in The Industrial Areas 09-08-2020 Khobar
Fault Analysis of Transmission Network 09-08-2020 Khobar
Leadership Skills & Strategies for Decision-Making 09-08-2020 Khobar
Machinery Couplings & Shaft Alignment Techniques 09-08-2020 Khobar
Modern Methods of Developing Supervisory & Leadership Skills 09-08-2020 Jeddah
Rotating Equipment (Maintenance & Troubleshooting) 09-08-2020 Jubail
Safety Procedures, The Laws of Censorship, Health Inspection Tools 09-08-2020 Riyadh
Supervision & Leadership Skills in The Field of Occupational Safety 09-08-2020 Jeddah
Test Electrical Equipment (Transformers, Cables, Circuit Breakers, Meters) 09-08-2020 Khobar
IOSH Managing Safely 10-08-2020 Khobar
Attention Management 16-08-2020 Khobar
Command Security Operations Inside Industrial Facilities 16-08-2020 Khobar
Distribution Network Load 16-08-2020 Khobar
Electrical Site Safety 16-08-2020 Khobar
Emergency Response 16-08-2020 Jubail
Environmental Monitoring & Modelling 16-08-2020 Khobar
Financial Reporting: The Current Climate 16-08-2020 Jeddah
Fundamentals of Accounting 16-08-2020 Khobar
Machinery Couplings & Shaft Alignment Techniques 16-08-2020 Khobar
Machinery Problem-Solving Sequence 16-08-2020 Jubail
Machinery Root Cause Failure Analysis 16-08-2020 Khobar
Maintenance of Electrical Low Voltage 16-08-2020 Khobar
Managing Time & Cost of Projects 16-08-2020 Khobar
Mechanical Integrity & Reliability in Refineries, Petrochemical & Process Plants 16-08-2020 Jubail
Modern Trends of Dealing with Time & Work Pressures 16-08-2020 Khobar