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Courses in Saudi Arabia

Course Date Location
Occupational Health & Working Environment 01-09-2019 Khobar
Planning safety, health and environment to protect industrial institutions 01-09-2019 Khobar
Protection & Control for Industrial Power Systems 01-09-2019 Jeddah
Rotating Machinery Bearing & Lubrication Technology 01-09-2019 Khobar
Administrative Secretarial and Office management 08-09-2019 Riyadh
Administrative Secretarial and Office management 08-09-2019 Khobar
Creative Development Skills to Raise Productivity 08-09-2019 Khobar
Delivering Constructive Criticism 08-09-2019 Jeddah
Developing Skills & Behavioral (Self-Management) & Capacity of Managers 08-09-2019 Khobar
Electrical Maintenance, Testing, Inspection 08-09-2019 Khobar
Electrical Power System Protection and Testing 08-09-2019 Khobar
Engineering Aspects of Unit Operation & Performance 08-09-2019 Khobar
Fire Evacuation for Buildings 08-09-2019 Khobar
Generators & Effect Of Sudden Loading 08-09-2019 Khobar
High Voltage & Extra High Voltage Switchgear 08-09-2019 Jeddah
Method of Preparation the Security Policy for the Facility 08-09-2019 Jeddah
Modern Electrical Power System 08-09-2019 Khobar
Modern Methods of Developing Supervisory & Leadership Skills 08-09-2019 Jeddah
Power Plant Operation & Maintenance Strategy 08-09-2019 Khobar
Power System High Voltage Substations (Operation, Maintenance, Installation, Testing & Commissioning) 08-09-2019 Khobar
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Control System 08-09-2019 Jeddah
Accounting for VAT 15-09-2019 Jeddah
Antifriction Bearing 15-09-2019 Khobar
Appreciative Inquiry 15-09-2019 Riyadh
Decision Making & Decision Taking Skills (Practical Methods) 15-09-2019 Khobar
Dynamic Decision Making 15-09-2019 Khobar
Effective Managerial Leadership 15-09-2019 Jeddah
Electric Generators: Operation, Performance Analysis, & Testing 15-09-2019 Khobar
Electrical Distribution Systems(Maintenance & Operation) 15-09-2019 Jeddah
Electrical Load Forecasting, Characteristics & System Upgrade 15-09-2019 Khobar