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Courses in Saudi Arabia

Course Date Location
Innovative Managing for Engineers 25-08-2019 Jeddah
Maintenance of Meters & Breakers 25-08-2019 Khobar
Maintenance Planning, Scheduling & Control 25-08-2019 Jeddah
Modern Administration for Warehouses and Stores 25-08-2019 Khobar
Motivating, Managing & Leading Teams for Making Teams Work 25-08-2019 Khobar
Operation, maintenance and protection of power transformer 25-08-2019 Khobar
Productivity Skills 25-08-2019 Riyadh
Protective Relay Principles & Application 25-08-2019 Khobar
Reliability Centered Maintenance 25-08-2019 Khobar
Safety Engineering & Risk Assessment 25-08-2019 Khobar
Safety Operation & Maintenance in Substation & Switch Yards 25-08-2019 Jeddah
Sales Planning & Mechanisms Extrapolate the Local Market 25-08-2019 Jeddah
Security Architecture to Secure Vital Installations & Sensitive Planning & Emergency Management 25-08-2019 Khobar
Security Performance Development Level 25-08-2019 Khobar
Steam Turbine Operation 25-08-2019 Riyadh
Strategies for Security Planning 25-08-2019 Jeddah
The Effective Auditor 25-08-2019 Khobar
The Overcome of Work Pressures and Managing it 25-08-2019 Khobar
Tools and Skills of Thinking for Engineers and Technicians 25-08-2019 Khobar
Triangle of Excellence for Engineering & Management Thinking 25-08-2019 Jeddah
Troubleshooting and Tracking Faults in the Main Electrical Circuits 25-08-2019 Khobar
Turning Stress Into High Productivity 25-08-2019 Jeddah
Behavior-Based Safety 01-09-2019 Riyadh
Contract Writing, Planning & Management 01-09-2019 Jeddah
Creativity & Excellence in Human Resources & Personnel Management 01-09-2019 Khobar
Dealing with Emergency Situations 01-09-2019 Khobar
Developing Supervising Leadership & Creative Strategic Vision 01-09-2019 Jeddah
Environmental pollution of industrial processes and occupational safety 01-09-2019 Jeddah
Gas Turbine Technology: Design, Operation, Control, Troubleshooting & Maintenance 01-09-2019 Khobar
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems (Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting) 01-09-2019 Jeddah