Management / Personal Development Communication Skills


Communication Skills (Oral and written with high management, and with Child)


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Individual and team success depends upon the ability of individuals to communicate with others, face to face, as well as virtually. Every interaction with another person determines how you are perceived and every interaction is an opportunity to develop trust and exert positive influence

  • Well defined goals for more effective communications
  • The ability to create an open environment for communication
  • The skill to communicate clearly
  • Stronger relationships through powerful communication
  • An understanding of other people communication styles and needs (high management, colleagues, and child)
  • Techniques to facilitate effective team and meeting communications
  • Emotional Intelligence to deal with difficult situations
  • Improve Listening Skills
  • Communicate effectively with different types of people
  • Define communication skills barriers

All Employees

  • Communication Concept
  • Communication Model
  • The nature and importance of Communication
  • Communication Purposes
  • Communication Pillars Communication Elements
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
  • Communication Levels
  • Barriers of Effective Communication
  • Problems of Communication
  • Difference between hearing and listening
  • Types of communicators
  • Dealing with different types of communicators
  • Practical applications
  • Bad news definition
  • How to deliver bad news
  • Written communication
  • Emails Letters
  • Practical applications
  • The power of non- verbal communication
  • The negative and positive listening.
  • Listening process.
  • The importance of listening.
  • Presentation & Slides
  • Audio Visual Aids
  • Interactive Discussion
  • Participatory Exercise
  • Action Learning
  • Class Activities
  • Case Studies
  • Workshops
  • Simulation

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