Security Training Courses|Riyadh|Khobar|Jeddah|Madinah|Saudi Arabia


Ref. Course Status
HS100 Advanced Course in Developing The Skills of Supervisors Security View Schedule
HS170 Advanced Industrial Security Principles View Schedule
HS271 Advanced Leadership Skills in Security Management View Schedule
HS128 Advanced Security Skills View Schedule
HS120 Advanced Skills to Serve The Industrial Security Agents View Schedule
HS172 Advanced Theories and Practices in Industrial Security View Schedule
HS101 Art of Leadership & Security Management View Schedule
HS168 Basic hospitality Training for Security Personnel View Schedule
HS201 Basic Principles of Industrial Security and Effective Communication View Schedule
HS127 Basic Security Skills View Schedule
HS148 Basic Technical Skills & The Excellence in Security Performance View Schedule
HS137 Behavioral Skills Development for Security Officials View Schedule
HS102 Behavioral Skills for Security Officials View Schedule
HS136 Best Practices & Procedures for Security Analysis , Risk Assessments & Security Threats View Schedule
HS166 Command Security Operations Inside Industrial Facilities View Schedule
HS157 Communication & Dealing with Others View Schedule
HS103 Communication Skills & Relations with Others for Industrial Security View Schedule
HS161 Communications & Security Notification View Schedule
HS252 Comprehensive Emergency and Security Preparedness Planning View Schedule
HS180 Comprehensive Security Techniques and Self-Defense View Schedule
HS311 Contemporary Security Skills for Professionals View Schedule
HS211 Cross-Cultural Competency in Security Leadership View Schedule
HS109 Daily Security report & emergency situation. View Schedule
HS321 Designing Security Systems and Managing Emergencies View Schedule
HS158 Develop Security Sense & Collect Information View Schedule
HS143 Developing & Upgrading Security Leadership View Schedule
HS119 Developing Performance Level for The Industrial Security View Schedule
HS152 Developing Security Procedures & Methods View Schedule
HS138 Developing The Skills of Supervisors & Supervisors View Schedule
HS291 Development and Implementation of Security Policies View Schedule
HS303 Documenting Security Incidents and Managing Crises View Schedule
HS162 Early Security Planning in Industrial Facilities View Schedule
HS163 Early Security Planning in Industrial Facilities View Schedule
HS301 Effective Reporting and Crisis Handling in Security View Schedule
HS231 Enhancing Skills and Performance in Security Operations View Schedule
HS202 Essentials of Security in Industry and Communication Skills View Schedule
HS192 Excellence in Industrial Security and Asset Safeguarding View Schedule
HS123 Excellence Professional Administrators Industrial Security & Safety View Schedule
HS222 Expert Approaches to Security Investigations and Questioning View Schedule
HS146 Fire Fighting View Schedule
HS292 Frameworks and Processes in Security Policy View Schedule
HS117 Function & Responsibilities of Industrial Security Personnel View Schedule
HS104 Hazard Analysis & Control View Schedule
HS171 Higher-Level Concepts in Industrial Security View Schedule
HS200 Industrial Security Fundamentals and Communication View Schedule
HS105 Industrial Security Management in The Oil & Industrial Installations View Schedule
HS182 Integrated Security Strategies and Self-Protection Skills View Schedule
HS151 Integrated Security System View Schedule
HS140 International Competence for Advanced Security's Leadership & Administration View Schedule
HS210 International Competence in Security Leadership View Schedule