Electrical Engineering Training Course|Riyadh|Jeddah|Khober|Madinah

Electrical Engineering

Ref. Course Status
TE143 GIS Switching Techniques View Schedule
TE144 Grid Dynamics & Emergency Operations View Schedule
TE145 Grounding & Preventive Grounding for Domestic, Industrial, Generation, Transmission & Distribution Equipment View Schedule
TE146 High Voltage & Extra High Voltage Switchgear View Schedule
TE147 High Voltage Bus Bar Protection & Breaker Failure View Schedule
TE338 High Voltage Switchgear Maintenance View Schedule
TE148 High-Voltage Overhead Networks Conversion Technologies to Super-Tension Cables View Schedule
TE218 High-Voltage Overhead Networks Conversion Technologies To Super-Tension Cables View Schedule
TE233 HV Operation View Schedule
TE227 HV Switching View Schedule
TE339 HVDC Life Cycle Assessment & Refurbishment View Schedule
TE267 IEC 61850 Basics, Application & Testing Powered By Omicron View Schedule
TE320 Industrial Instrumentation & Modern Control Systems View Schedule
TE274 Instrumentation & Control View Schedule
TE149 Interconnection Transmission Operation, Dispatch & Deregulated Electricity View Schedule
TE150 Lightning & Transient Analysis & Preventive Grounding Used View Schedule
TE151 Load & Energy Management in Industrial Power Distribution Systems View Schedule
TE330 Load Flow Analysis, Short Circuit Calculations and Protection Coordination View Schedule
TE270 Load Forecasting & Economic Dispatch View Schedule
TE152 Load Management & Power Factor Correction in Electrical Power System Elements View Schedule
TE345 LV and MV Cables Selection, Inspection, Installation, Splicing, Termination, and Fault Finding View Schedule
TE153 LV/MV/HV Circuit Breakers (Switchgear): Inspection, Maintenance, Operation, Repair & Troubleshooting View Schedule
TE231 LV/MV/HV Circuit Breakers (Switchgear): Inspection, Testing, Selection View Schedule
TE347 Maintenance And Troubleshooting of Electrical Equipment View Schedule
TE334 Maintenance of Electrical Low Voltage View Schedule
TE154 Maintenance of Meters & Breakers View Schedule
TE235 Major Generator Inspection & Testing View Schedule
TE155 Management of Losses Reduction for Power Distribution System View Schedule
TE156 Managing Power Generation & Transmission Systems View Schedule
TE157 Measurement & Control View Schedule
TE225 Medium Voltage Switchgear View Schedule
TE224 Medium Voltage Systems View Schedule
TE286 Modern Electrical Power System View Schedule
TE346 Modern Power System Protection & Relaying View Schedule
TE308 Motor Control Center & Starters View Schedule
TE336 Motor Current Signature Analysis View Schedule
TE295 MV/HV Cable Splicing, Jointing & Termination View Schedule
TE213 Numerical Relays Technology View Schedule
TE223 Off & on Load Tap Changer View Schedule
TE158 Operating Switchgear of Sub-Station & Distribution View Schedule
TE307 Operation & Maintenance of HV Equipment & Transformers View Schedule
TE221 Operation, Maintenance & Protection of Power Transformer View Schedule
TE268 Partial Discharge Testing with The MPD 600 Powered By Omicron View Schedule
TE159 Planning & Implementation of Preventive Maintenance for Electrical Equipment View Schedule
TE311 Planning & Operating Electrical Network with Renewable Energy View Schedule
TE210 Plant Maintenance & Troubleshooting Techniques View Schedule
TE160 Power Distribution System Design & Reliability View Schedule
TE161 Power Distribution System, Maintenance & Operation View Schedule
TE162 Power Factor Testing View Schedule
TE163 Power Flow Analysis View Schedule