Electrical Engineering Training Course|Riyadh|Jeddah|Khober|Madinah

Electrical Engineering

Ref. Course Status
TE324 Disturbances in Power Transmission System View Schedule
TE116 Economy Dispatch of Power Plants View Schedule
TE117 Effect of Unbalance Quantities & Harmonics on Electrical Power System Elements View Schedule
TE119 Electric Generators: Operation, Performance Analysis, & Testing View Schedule
TE205 Electric Utility Management View Schedule
TE120 Electrical Circuits & Control View Schedule
TE368 Electrical Circuits Fundamentals View Schedule
TE121 Electrical Control Circuits for Industrial Power Systems View Schedule
TE122 Electrical Control Circuits in Transmission & Distribution Systems View Schedule
TE254 Electrical Distribution Systems (Maintenance & Operation) View Schedule
TE278 Electrical Distribution Systems Arc Flash View Schedule
TE123 Electrical Distribution Systems(Maintenance & Operation) View Schedule
TE124 Electrical Drawings & Control Systems View Schedule
TE252 Electrical Drawings & Control Systems (Comprehensive Course) View Schedule
TE397 Electrical Equipment Lifecycle Mastery: Testing, Commissioning, and Preventive Strategies for Rotating and Non-Rotating Equipment View Schedule
TE349 Electrical Equipment Testing And Inspection View Schedule
TE209 Electrical Equipment Troubleshooting & Maintenance View Schedule
TE350 Electrical Faults and Troubleshooting View Schedule
TE328 Electrical Faults, Causes, Detection & Remedies View Schedule
TE384 Electrical Generators Engineering View Schedule
TE362 Electrical Grounding, Bonding and Lightning Protection  View Schedule
TE381 Electrical Induction Motors Engineering View Schedule
TE299 Electrical Installation View Schedule
TE315 Electrical Load Forecast, Data Analysis, Challenges & Improvement View Schedule
TE206 Electrical Load Forecasting, Characteristics & Data Analysis View Schedule
TE125 Electrical Load Forecasting, Characteristics & System Upgrade View Schedule
TE126 Electrical Loads Characteristics View Schedule
TE282 Electrical Maintenance & Troubleshooting View Schedule
TE369 Electrical Maintenance Principles and Applications  View Schedule
TE127 Electrical Maintenance, Testing, Inspection View Schedule
TE128 Electrical Maintenance, Testing, Inspection & Risk Assessment View Schedule
TE129 Electrical Measurement & Control Circuits View Schedule
TE248 Electrical Measurement Instruments View Schedule
TE130 Electrical Motors Operation, Maintenance, Protection & Troubleshooting View Schedule
TE316 Electrical Phenomena & Challenges to Transmission Lines View Schedule
TE351 Electrical Power Equipment Testing and Commissioning View Schedule
TE386 Electrical Power Factor Correction View Schedule
TE203 Electrical Power Substation Maintenance View Schedule
TE357 Electrical Power Substation Maintenance View Schedule
TE132 Electrical Power Supply & Power Plant Operation & Maintenance Strategy View Schedule
TE133 Electrical Power Supply, Maintenance, Testing, Inspection & Risk Assessment View Schedule
TE272 Electrical Power System View Schedule
TE363 Electrical Power System Protection View Schedule
TE250 Electrical Power System Protection & Testing View Schedule
TE218 Electrical Power System Protection (Level Two) View Schedule
TE388 Electrical Power Systems: Start-Up, Commissioning & Testing View Schedule
TE364 Electrical Protection Devices View Schedule
TE212 Electrical Protection for Power View Schedule
TE219 Electrical Protection for Transmission Line View Schedule
TE216 Electrical Protection System View Schedule