Electrical Engineering Training Course|Riyadh|Jeddah|Khober|Madinah

Electrical Engineering

Ref. Course Status
TE149 Interconnection Transmission Operation, Dispatch & Deregulated Electricity View Schedule
TE371 Introduction to Electrical Systems View Schedule
TE393 Large Scale Renewable Energy Integration: Issues and Solutions View Schedule
TE150 Lightning & Transient Analysis & Preventive Grounding Used View Schedule
TE151 Load & Energy Management in Industrial Power Distribution Systems View Schedule
TE330 Load Flow Analysis, Short Circuit Calculations and Protection Coordination View Schedule
TE270 Load Forecasting & Economic Dispatch View Schedule
TE152 Load Management & Power Factor Correction in Electrical Power System Elements View Schedule
TE356 Low Voltage Electrical Substation View Schedule
TE365 Low Voltage Electrical Substation Protection View Schedule
TE345 LV and MV Cables Selection, Inspection, Installation, Splicing, Termination, and Fault Finding View Schedule
TE153 LV/MV/HV Circuit Breakers (Switchgear): Inspection, Maintenance, Operation, Repair & Troubleshooting View Schedule
TE231 LV/MV/HV Circuit Breakers (Switchgear): Inspection, Testing, Selection View Schedule
TE352 Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Electrical Equipment View Schedule
TE334 Maintenance of Electrical Low Voltage View Schedule
TE154 Maintenance of Meters & Breakers View Schedule
TE235 Major Generator Inspection & Testing View Schedule
TE155 Management of Losses Reduction for Power Distribution System View Schedule
TE156 Managing Power Generation & Transmission Systems View Schedule
TE157 Measurement & Control View Schedule
TE355 Medium Voltage Substation Operation and Maintenance View Schedule
TE225 Medium Voltage Switchgear View Schedule
TE375 Medium Voltage Switchgear Engineering View Schedule
TE224 Medium Voltage Systems View Schedule
TE286 Modern Electrical Power System View Schedule
TE346 Modern Power System Protection & Relaying View Schedule
TE366 Modern Power System Protection & Relaying in Electrical Protection System View Schedule
TE308 Motor Control Center & Starters View Schedule
TE336 Motor Current Signature Analysis View Schedule
TE295 MV/HV Cable Splicing, Jointing & Termination View Schedule
TE213 Numerical Relays Technology View Schedule
TE223 Off & on Load Tap Changer View Schedule
TE158 Operating Switchgear of Sub-Station & Distribution View Schedule
TE307 Operation & Maintenance of HV Equipment & Transformers View Schedule
TE385 Operation and Maintenance of Electric Generators  View Schedule
TE221 Operation, Maintenance & Protection of Power Transformer View Schedule
TE268 Partial Discharge Testing with The MPD 600 Powered By Omicron View Schedule
TE159 Planning & Implementation of Preventive Maintenance for Electrical Equipment View Schedule
TE311 Planning & Operating Electrical Network with Renewable Energy View Schedule
TE210 Plant Maintenance & Troubleshooting Techniques View Schedule
TE160 Power Distribution System Design & Reliability View Schedule
TE161 Power Distribution System, Maintenance & Operation View Schedule
TE162 Power Factor Testing View Schedule
TE163 Power Flow Analysis View Schedule
TE327 Power Flow Analysis Advanced View Schedule
TE164 Power Generation: Gas Turbines, Steam Power Plants, Co-Generation, & Combined Cycle Plants View Schedule
TE165 Power Plant Start-Up, Commissioning & Troubleshooting View Schedule
TE204 Power Quality View Schedule
TE378 Power Quality & System Harmonics View Schedule
TE166 Power Stations Main Electric Generators (Theory, Operation & Control) View Schedule